Tameka Bright


It’s been  2 years with Q98 and it seems so much longer than that!! I love my Q family and being on your radio Saturdays 10am-3pm. When I’m not on air, you can find me a a fashion show, cheer comp,a pageant or some community event judging or emceeing, not to mention in a good shoe store too.   I also love supporting my husband and his high school wrestling team. Yeah that’s me doing all that cheering in the stands!!  I grew up in New Bern, NC home of the Bears graduated in 2000 ;yes the class of the millenniums.  I went to George Mason University graduated with my BS Degree and went on to obtain my Masters Degree from Concordia University.  While I have two degrees none of them are in any sort of communication or anything to do with radio!! I believe in working the gifts that God has given you,once you work them they will make room for you!! Golden Girls is the best TV show ever and as long as I have a good pair of shoes and a bag of Haribo gummy bears it’s a good day!!   Dreams can definitely become a reality just stay purpose driven and passion focused!!


The very next time you hear something that gets under your skin and you feel the need to respond, take a deep breathe and remember Eagles DON’T EAT WORMS” #PinkConvoThoughts #ResponseNotAlwaysNeeded Courtesy of Torri C Parmley

The problem is you stopped believing in yourself. Good things can happen for you.. #PinkConvoThoughts #neverstopdreaming #theydocometrue#Godisfaithfull Courtesy of William C Jr Oatman

a true bestie will always tell you like it is not what you want to hear…#PinkConvoThoughts Trish L’Oreal

Your presence can make a bold statement sometimes you don’t have to say a word….always stay classy #PinkConvoThoughts #classylady#ElizaTaughtmeThat


If you think you can handle it… Stoney Point Trail Of Terror

If you think you can handle it… Stoney Point Trail Of Terror

Welcome to the Stoney Point Trail of Terror! An annual fundraising event now in its fifteenth year, the Stoney Point Trail of Terror is known state-wide for its thrills, chills – and spills! Hosted at the rear of the Stoney Point Fire Department property, the Trail incorporates live actors and state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and environmental…