“If they don’t STOP touching that thermostat…”

Are you that sneaky person at work who changes the thermostat to YOUR ideal temperature?  According to a new survey, almost 1 in 5 people have done it during the summer.

19% of us have secretly changed the temperature at work . . . 13% to make it cooler, and 6% to make it warmer.

And it doesn’t always go smoothly.  15% of people said they’ve gotten into an ARGUMENT with a coworker over the temperature in their office.

Women are more likely to be unhappy with the temperature at work.  55% of women don’t like their office’s temperature . . . 36% say it’s normally too cold, versus 19% who say it’s too hot.

It’s a more even split for men.  18% say they’re usually cold, and 17% say they’re hot.  So that’s 35% total.

Overall, 46% of us aren’t happy with the temperature in our office.  And for some of us, it can affect our ability to concentrate.

67% of people say they’re less productive when it’s too warm, compared to 51% when it’s too cold.

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THREE California’s?!?

THREE California’s?!?

Miss Sarah: When Jeff Davis first told me about this this morning, I thought for sure he was joking.