Saturday, June 30th sounds like a perfect day to hit the lake….

but this isn’t any regular day at the lake.  This is going to take a little teamwork.

Hope Mills will hold its first ever cardboard boat race, and demo derby!

Now, you might be thinking, when cardboard gets wet, it falls apart. (That’s what I thought when I first heard about it.)

A gentleman by the name of Brent Spivey, who has been building and racing cardboard boats for about 15 years, approached

Mayor Jackie Warner about having this event, which will lead up to Hope Mills’ 4th of July celebration.

Mr. Spivey has built numerous boats over his lifetime, including one that was 25 feet long and carried 6 people!

He told Up & Coming Weekly that it “was a big ambition” and ” it did sink”.


That’s what I was wondering… could you build a boat that would survive?  You should try!!


So what are the rules and how can you get registered?  Check it out here!



If you need some ideas on HOW to build a cardboard boat, here you go.








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