41 versions !?!

 WEEZER didn’t make TOTO’s “Africa” cool again . . . because Toto’s “Africa” was never NOT cool.  The website Ultimate Classic Rock did some digging, and found 41 different covers of the song . . . including Weezer’s.


There’s a semi-metal version by Matt Heafy from the band Trivium.

(Check out even MORE metallic versions herehere, and here.)

If you’re up for some international flavor, there’s a version by a Japanese pop duo called True Kiss Destination.

And here’s a pretty unique take by London’s Hackney Colliery Band.

You want electronic?  Here’s your electronic, courtesy of Dutch musician Legowelt.

Or we can leap to the opposite end of the spectrum with a BLUEGRASS take.

Fan of ’80s video games?  Here’s the “8-bit” version.

You’ll get a similar vibe from this version, played on outdated computer parts.

And this list just wouldn’t be complete without an a cappella jam, would it?



(Check out all of them here, and (Yacht) Rock On!!!)


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