The key to happiness is….

Maybe sitting quietly at home in complete silence ISN’T anyone’s idea of fun?

According to a new survey, apparently the key to having a much better life is as simple as playing music at home.

Check out these stats about people who listen to music at home . . .

1.  They average three hours and 13 minutes more family time a week.

2.  They feel 87% happier than they did before they would play music at home.

3.  83% say chores are easier.

4.  50% say they like cooking more . . . and they spend 20% more time cooking with their significant other.

5.  And finally, they have 67% more sex.


So, you’re welcome. LOL

There’s LOT’s of ways to listen to your favorite station at home, even if you don’t have a radio.

Look down at the bottom of this page, you’ll see a play button, there’s one way.

Or you can download the free Q98 app, and take us with you.

Or tell Alexa ” open Q98″.

And honestly, you could probably stand close to your toaster and still hear Q98.  We’re everywhere. We can’t help it. 🙂





Cumulus Media, including Q98, Magic 106.9, Rock 103 and WFNC 640am have teamed up with Fayetteville Urban Ministry once again, to help our neighbors and friends this holiday season. We will be at Westwood Shopping Center 6am, to 6pm, broadcasting live, and collecting your donations. New, unwrapped toys, baby items, non perishable food, coats, jackets,…

Was the punishment appropriate?

Was the punishment appropriate?

He is having surgery this morning to repair parts of his face.  His mother told CBS 17 that the doctor’s told her that one more hit could have meant burying her son, instead of surgery.