Was the punishment appropriate?

Last week, at a school in Wake County, 2 students were playing basketball in gym class.  An accidental foul led to a fight between them.

The student who was severely injured is a junior at Wakefield High School . He suffered a concussion, lung damage, and his nose is broken in 5 places.

He is having surgery this morning to repair parts of his face.  His mother told CBS 17 that the doctor’s told her that one more hit could have meant burying her son, instead of surgery.


“When I got the news that this kid who did this to my son was only going to get five days suspension, I was appalled,” Williams-Marble said. “This kid is going to be back to school before my son is even recovered.”


Per the school’s policy manual, fighting is a level 2 offense, that states “Principals may impose a short-term suspension of 6-10 days or recommend a long-term suspension of eleven (11) days or more based on aggravating factors regarding the severity of the violation and/or safety concerns,”

Assault on a Student” is a Level III offense, and is defined as serious physical injury to another student resulting in medical treatment beyond simple first aid procedures, including broken bones or significant bleeding, the manual said.

Level III violations are “more severe in nature and may support long-term suspension. The principal may impose a short-term suspension of ten (10) days or less or decline to impose any suspension based on mitigating factors,”


Raleigh police did say a juvenile petition for assault was secured for the 15-year-old involved in the incident at the school.


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