In an effort to fill an increasing “gap” that we are noticing as our grocery stores are being depleted. During a crisis like the COVID-19 Pandemic our local food pantries will take a huge hit to ensure that the underserved members of our community have hunger related needs that are met.

With the support of  Cumulus Radio, they are doing our part to fight against the negative impacts of this pandemic. Below is a list of the items they are asking people to donate:

Canned Fruits
Canned Veggies
Canned Meats
Canned Beans
Whole Grain Pasta
Peanut Butter
Hygiene Products
Household Items
Paper Products

Also, if you have challenges getting to the food drive, places like Publix, BJ’s, and Sprouts Farmers Market have “Instacart” services which allows you to pay for food donations online. (See below) Through this service you can have the food delivered directly to the Second Harvest location. (You would simply input the 406 Deep Creek address as the delivery point).

In the meantime, please listen to all Cumulus Stations for key updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic at Q98, Rock 103, MAGIC 106.9, and NewsTalk WFNC.


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please don’t hesitate to contact  919.478.9023. If you know someone in need, please direct them to to find the location of their local food pantry.


Instacart is an online grocery delivery service company that works with local stores to deliver groceries to your door.   In our area, you can choose Food Lion or Publix, set the time of delivery and you don’t have to go out!