Jeff Davis




How time flies!  I’ve been at Q98 for 12 years now and call Fayetteville, “home!”

I grew up in New Jersey, worked in Pennsylvania and moved to North Carolina in 1996.

I think I’ve been back up North only twice since coming down here – I don’t like all that Northeast snow!


Don’t be surprised if we bump into each other out and about, downtown, or at some exciting night spots.


I’ve got two awesome dogs … Lovey (who’s 5 and a mixed breed), who got her name because she’s just so darn “Lovey!”  I’ve also got Gemma (like a gem) and she’s just under 1 year old.  They get along great!


When people ask “why Fayetteville and why so long?”  Keep in mind, in 1996, I moved from Philadelphia to Tarboro, NC and it was quite a culture shock!  I’ve always said, “It’s what you make of it.”

Over the past 22 years, I’ve made a lot of great friends, worked with some of the best, truly enjoy what I do each day – both on and off the air – and wouldn’t trade it for the World!

Weekday afternoons, catch me on Q98 from 3-7 and let’s learn, laugh, and love together!








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Pet Walk 2019

Pet Walk 2019

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